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Stop the
North Texas
Wind Farms

The only way to let our school boards and county commissioners know how we feel is to show up and speak up. 

  • Breckenridge ISD

  • Eastland ISD

  • Graham ISD

  • Ranger ISD

  • Rising Star ISD


Who We Are

Texas Landowners Coalition is an organization that works to unite landowners as they work to protect their land, property values and legacies against wind turbines. Members of TXLC believe that the negative effects of wind turbines are far-reaching in communities. We live here, work here, and retire here and want to preserve the character of our communities. 

Our  Purpose


Through extensive research, we have learned that wind companies use the lack of discussion between neighbors to their benefit.  Our goal is not to divide friends and neighbors but to educate people in our communities on how wind farms can impact their way of life.


We know that wind energy companies like to work quietly. Often times communities are unaware of their presence in the area until the wind companies approach the school board, city or county for tax abatements.  At TXLC we strive to help communities know their options and provide them the tools needed to stop these projects in their steps. 


Members of TXLC believe that is our God-given responsibility to be good stewards of the land.  The risk of fires, the potential pollution to water resources and the danger to wildlife are just a few things we must protect from wind farms.

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